Now announcing 15 years of your farm data protected, guaranteed.  No matter how many phones you go through, if your computer crashes, the price of corn, or if your office is set on fire, your field data will be safe and organized.

Phone App Features

  • We Guarantee we will keep your records for 15 years
  • Keep all your field records – be able to view or edit them from your phone or computer anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited Users with just one subscription
  • Remotley Track Field Progress
  • Simple Coverage logging (Field Mapping) with multiple colors for multiple seed varieties using your phone’s GPS
  • Synced to the website
  • All Hired Help can see the same notes
  • “Sign-In” to keep unwanted users out
  • Super Easy to Use Interface – No newfangled contraptions


Web App Features

  • See your field maps and Coverage Logging from anywhere in the world
  • See and edit all your field records
  • Synced to App – Your hired help can all see the same field notes
  • Secure Login to keep unwanted users out
  • Export to Excel



After signing up, you will have your login credentials to use on the website and on the app.

Now, with your cell phone in the tractor with you already, create your field notes, and do simple coverage logging that will automatically upload to your computer. No Expensive Hardware.

Have your Hired Help run the app and be able to remotely track field progress

It also works in the reverse, you can also create field notes on your computer and you can access them with the app in the tractor. Also, once you have created your field notes on your computer, have your employees access them from the app whenever and wherever.

Now, with a subscription, we are guaranteeing 15 years of your field data, protected and organized.



Since we are owned by farmers, we like to hear from fellow farmers, Contact Us is you have new features that you would like to see in the future. Also, we may not be able to come up with all our future tech on our own, feel free to inquire about investing opportunities or throw us your ideas if you would like to see specific features!