Vision Statement:

To enhance the quality of life for the entire world by improving agricultural practices and agricultural information systems.


Mission Statement:

To simplify and centralize farm management.

Our Values:

  •  Having been founded by farmers we make sure that we are always serving the interest of those that use the products.
  • Virtual Farm Manager is a company dedicated to making life easier for Farmers.  Through the use of technology, VFM seeks to increase the quality of life for the people that feed the world.
  • Started by an entrepreneurial Farmer, VFM has become an industry leader in developing information system technology, using already established hardware, for farmers.

Management Team:

Ryan Raguse
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Ryan Raguse grew up on a farm and still works with farmers helping out every spring and fall.  After helping found a successful mobile technology company, Myriad Devices, he was able to see how to combine the agriculture world with the mobile world, and that, he just did.

He is a natural entrepreneur, leader, and get-things-done’er; he earned collegiate entrepreneur of the year from market place of ideas in 2011 and earned his B.S. degree in accounting from NDSU.



Justin Bachman
Chief Operations Officer

Justin Bachman currently makes sure daily operations remain up to par within VFM, LLC. From assisting with daily leg work to managing the marketing operations, this entrepreneurial, big picture minded businessman keeps things running smoothly. With a degree in Finance from NDSU, he strives to implement as much of the customer input into what products Virtual Farm Manager provides along with assistance in project management and marketing.




Jake Joraanstad
Chief Technology Officer

 Jake Joraanstad is a highly talented and skilled expert in the area of mobile applications consulting, design, and development. He also is acting CEO of Myriad Devices and leads a team of highly skilled mobile developers.

Jake has contributed to various technical blogs and publishings including and with his expertise in mobile technology and integration.


James Dravitz
Chief Strategy Officer 

James Dravitz is a highly motivated individual and brings a wide range of expertise to Virtual Farm Manager.  With a background in early stage business operations and marketing, James has taken products from prototype to national awards.  James serves as Virtual Farm Manager’s Chief Strategy Officer.